The purpose of the loops on the inside of the innertent is to tie up a cord to hang up clothes to dry, etc… There are also loops on the inside of the tipi itself for the same purpose.

You may return the product within 14 days of your purchase. You will get a full refund including the shipping costs to your address if the item is unused and in the same condition as when you got it from us.. However. You are responsible for paying and organize your own return and shipping to us.

The main wood source here in Norway is pine and spruce. And as you know these trees tends to spark a lot and contains very high sap and resin content which results in a tarry smoke. Resin also makes the wood burn with a high temperature which tends to spark, etc.. The tarry smoke coats the interior of stove and pipe. And it is essential to clean those regulary. If not the continuos use results in creosote on the inside. Which finally will create fire hazard in the pipe if not cleaned. Fortunately the foldable pipe and stove is easy to clean. The sparks from the pine or spruce has up to this point not been a problem for us even thought some sparks from pine will escape the pipe throught the spark arrestor at the end piece . We also recommend that the pipe opening is about a meter above the flysheet.

The sleeve is attached as it is a few ekstra millimeters in diameter and therefore held in place by the stove-jack on the Nortent tipi. However. When there is a lot of movement in the flysheet (wind). You need to do some small adjustments every once in a while to keep the sleeve in in place.

The diameter of the pipe is 8 cm.

The height of our pipe when installed on the stove is 310 cm. The height of the tipi 6 is 216 cm. We also recommend that the pipe should be about a meter above the flysheet of the tent.

We have used quality materials to make the tipi as robust as possible, and at the same time as light as possible. We believe we have found a good blance between weight and strength. You should be able to use the tipi in most weather. But rememeber. It is not a cabin. It is a tent. Even though we have designed the tipi to withstand a lot of weather and wind, it is not indestructible. You can thrust it to withstand high winds. But never leave the tipi without supervision when it is snowing. Particulary wet and heavy snow will put a huge load on the tipi, and if the snow is not knocked away, the heavy snow will ultimately destroy the tipi. The weight of the snow can reach as much as 400 grams per liter of snow. This means that as little as two inches of snow on the flysheet will weight about 20 kilos per square meter of tent. The surface of the tent is about 14 square meters. Which puts unbelievable 280 kilos on the tipi. In this scenario the center-pole will probably break long before any tearing of the fabric. Snow at -3 degrees Celcius weighs about 50 gram per liter. With two inches of snow this is 2,5 kilos per square meter. This is about 35 kilograms on the flysheet. This may not sound very much. But with a constant force pulling on the tipi, it will stress the center-pole in such a way that it will be significally weakend if exposed to this force over several days. Additionally, if you add strong wind, the center-pole will scream for help where it eventually will break. So. Keep the snow away from the flysheet. If you do this, the tipi will withstand a lot of challenging weather.

The tipi itself comes with the bag that holds everything even if you do not buy the inner tent or the groundsheet. The tipi also comes with seamsealing and repair kit, 10 reflective guylines, 1 adjustable aluminium centerpole, 30 aluminium plugs, and mosquito netting with zippers in both entrances

The tipi 6 itself can be bought as a standalone system without the innertent and groundsheet. If you want to make the tipi more flexible you can add the innertent and the groundsheet as extra modules. And of course the stove when it is out for the public very soon. Personally I never leave without the inner tent even though I bring the stove. I like the comfort it gives. But of course this it is very individual.

When you buy through our webshop, outside Norway the tax is not added to your purchase. Which means the price listed in the webshop, if you are outside Norway,  is without 25% tax. How much tax each country then charge, is different from country to country. But you need to assume that tax is beeing charged in you country as it also does for our local customers.

Although it would be nice to have fellow hikers dropping in on a visit, we do not have any showroom, etc at this time, as we are a 100% online webshop . We are a group of dedicated hikers that have a passion for the outdoors and quality gear. Our tipi is the first in the line to reflect our vision and enthusiasm for having a great and pleasant time in the wild nature. At the moment it is only possible to buy the tipi through our own webshop.